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spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields Struct Reference

Fields that are used internally by the bdev subsystem. More...

#include <bdev_module.h>

Collaboration diagram for spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields:

Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_bdev_io) link
 Queue entry used in several cases:
 STAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_bdev_io) buf_link
 Entry to the list need_buf of struct spdk_bdev.
 TAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_bdev_io) ch_link
 Entry to the list io_submitted of struct spdk_bdev_channel.

Data Fields

struct spdk_bdev_channel * ch
 The bdev I/O channel that this was handled on.
uint8_t reserved [8]
struct spdk_bdev_desc * desc
 The bdev descriptor that was used when submitting this I/O.
spdk_bdev_io_completion_cb cb
 User function that will be called when this completes.
void * caller_ctx
 Context that will be passed to the completion callback.
uint64_t submit_tsc
 Current tsc at submit time.
union { 
   struct { 
      uint32_t   cdw0 
 NVMe completion queue entry DW0.
      uint8_t   sct 
 NVMe status code type.
      uint8_t   sc 
 NVMe status code.
   }   nvme 
   struct { 
      uint8_t   sc 
 SCSI status code.
      uint8_t   sk 
 SCSI sense key.
      uint8_t   asc 
 SCSI additional sense code.
      uint8_t   ascq 
 SCSI additional sense code qualifier.
   }   scsi 
 Only valid when status is SPDK_BDEV_IO_STATUS_SCSI_ERROR.
   int   aio_result 
 Only valid when status is SPDK_BDEV_IO_STATUS_AIO_ERROR.
 Error information from a device.
bool in_submit_request
 Set to true while the bdev module submit_request function is in progress.
int8_t status
 Status for the IO.
bool split
 Indicates whether the IO is split.
uint8_t retry_state
 Retry state (resubmit, re-pull, re-push, etc.)
bool has_accel_sequence
 Indicates that the IO is associated with an accel sequence.
void * buf
 bdev allocated memory associated with this request
uint64_t buf_len
 requested size of the buffer associated with this I/O
struct iovec bounce_iov
 if the request is double buffered, store original request iovs here
struct iovec bounce_md_iov
struct iovec orig_md_iov
struct iovec * orig_iovs
int orig_iovcnt
spdk_bdev_io_get_aux_buf_cb get_aux_buf_cb
 Callback for when the aux buf is allocated.
spdk_bdev_io_get_buf_cb get_buf_cb
 Callback for when buf is allocated.
struct spdk_iobuf_entry iobuf
 iobuf queue entry
struct spdk_bdev_io_wait_entry waitq_entry
 Enables queuing parent I/O when no bdev_ios available for split children.
struct spdk_memory_domain * memory_domain
 Memory domain and its context passed by the user in ext API.
void * memory_domain_ctx
struct spdk_accel_sequence * accel_sequence
void(* data_transfer_cpl )(void *ctx, int rc)
 Data transfer completion callback.

Detailed Description

Fields that are used internally by the bdev subsystem.

Bdev modules must not read or write to these fields.

Member Function Documentation


spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields::TAILQ_ENTRY ( spdk_bdev_io )

Queue entry used in several cases:

  1. IOs awaiting retry due to NOMEM status,
  2. IOs awaiting submission due to QoS,
  3. IOs with an accel sequence being executed,
  4. IOs awaiting memory domain pull/push,
  5. queued reset requests.

Field Documentation

◆ in_submit_request

bool spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields::in_submit_request

Set to true while the bdev module submit_request function is in progress.

This is used to decide whether spdk_bdev_io_complete() can complete the I/O directly or if completion must be deferred via an event.

◆ sc

uint8_t spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields::sc

NVMe status code.

SCSI status code.

◆ submit_tsc

uint64_t spdk_bdev_io::__bdev_io_internal_fields::submit_tsc

Current tsc at submit time.

Used to calculate latency at completion.

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