SPDK Trello Boards

SPDK Trello Boards

SPDK has a team page on Trello which is organized into the following types of pages:

  • Backlog pages - each page corresponds to a major SPDK feature (or set of related features)
  • Community Meeting Agenda page - for posting agenda items for future community meetings
  • Detailed feature pages - used to tracking low-level tasks related to implementing an item from one of the backlog pages

All of the SPDK team pages are publicly visible. Edits may only be made by members of the SPDK Trello team. If you would like to be added to the SPDK Trello team, please send an e-mail to the SPDK mailing list or a message to Slack with your Trello handle.

Cards on backlog pages track features or tasks which are not completed, but may be in progress. These cards are organized into one of four columns, with each column corresponding to a level of effort. The level of effort is only an estimate but can be used by SPDK community members to identify cards suitable for their level of experience and intended time investment. The four columns are:

  • Low Hanging Fruit (1) - roughly one day for an experienced SPDK developer
  • Small (2) - roughly one week
  • Medium (3) - roughly one month
  • Large (4) - one quarter or more

If you decide to start working on a card, add yourself to the card along with a comment that you are starting work on it.

Complicated features may need to be broken down into smaller tasks which are not suitable for the backlog page itself. In this case, a detailed feature page may be created to track the smaller tasks. The backlog card’s description should have a link to the detailed feature page when one exists.

When a backlog card is completed, it will be moved to a release column on that backlog page. This allows for tracking which features were completed in each release.