SPDK Community


Join us on the freenode IRC network in the #spdk (Archive) channel.

Trello Board

Find something to work on the backlog in your area of interest, or start/participate in a design discussion on any of the SPDK Trello Boards.

Mailing List

The SPDK Mailing List (Archive) is available for usage and development questions as well as design discussions.

Community Meetings

SPDK Community meetings are open to everyone and all are encouraged to participate. The primary purpose is to cover topics where verbal communication is more efficient than email or IRC. The meetings are hosted using FreeConferenceCall.

There is a community meeting each week at alternating time slots selected so that one week is a Euro-friendly time and the following week is an Asia-friendly time. Please post proposed topics on Trello prior to the meeting. If you don’t have a Trello login, sign up and then ask in IRC or on the mailing list to to be added to the board. If we are able to cover the posted topics before the end of the meeting we can use the time to discuss additional items.

There is also a focused bug scrub meeting every other week only in the Asia-friendly timezone. Note that bugs are tracked on the SPDK GitHub issue tracker.

All meetings use the same conference information. It is shown below in a slightly distored image to help prevent bots from joining our calls. Adding a bookmark with the link below should make it easy to join weekly.


Next Euro-Friendly Meeting

Next Asia-Friendly Meeting

Bug Reports and Bug Scrub Meeting


See the Development page for more information on how to contribute to SPDK.