ABI and API Deprecation

This document details the policy for maintaining stability of SPDK ABI and API.

Major ABI version can change at most once for each quarterly SPDK release. ABI versions are managed separately for each library and follow Semantic Versioning.

API and ABI deprecation notices shall be posted in the next section. Each entry must describe what will be removed and can suggest the future use or alternative. Specific future SPDK release for the removal must be provided. ABI cannot be removed without providing deprecation notice for at least single SPDK release.

Deprecated code paths must be registered with SPDK_DEPRECATION_REGISTER() and logged with SPDK_LOG_DEPRECATED(). The tag used with these macros will appear in the SPDK log at the warn level when SPDK_LOG_DEPRECATED() is called, subject to rate limits. The tags can be matched with the level 4 headers below.

Deprecation Notices



Parameters cb_fn and ctx of spdk_nvmf_qpair_disconnect API are deprecated. These parameters will be removed in 24.01 release.


transport field in listen_addresses of nvmf_get_subsystems RPC is deprecated. trtype field should be used instead. transport field will be removed in 24.01 release.


The function is deprecated and will be removed in 24.01 release. Please use 'spdk_nvmf_subsystem_any_listener_allowed' instead.



Deprecated the SPDK partition type GUID 7c5222bd-8f5d-4087-9c00-bf9843c7b58c. Partitions of this type have bdevs created that are one block less than the actual size of the partition. Existing partitions using the deprecated GUID can continue to use that GUID; support for the deprecated GUID will remain in SPDK indefinitely, and will continue to exhibit the off-by-one bug so that on-disk metadata layouts based on the incorrect size are not affected.

See GitHub issue 2801 for additional details on the bug.

New SPDK partition types should use GUID 6527994e-2c5a-4eec-9613-8f5944074e8b which will create a bdev of the correct size.



Param size in rpc commands rpc_bdev_lvol_create and rpc_bdev_lvol_resize is deprecated and replace by size_in_mib.

See GitHub issue 2346 for additional details.