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CI pool uses different flavors of Linux and FreeBSD distributions which are used as a base for all the tests run against submitted patches. Below is the listing which covers all currently supported versions and the related CI jobs (see status as a reference).

Linux distributions


Trying to follow new release as per the release cycle whenever possible.

- autobuild-vg-autotest
- clang-vg-autotest
- iscsi*-vg-autotest
- nvme-vg-autotest
- nvmf*-vg-autotest
- scanbuild-vg-autotest
- unittest-vg-autotest
- vhost-initiator-vg-autotest

Jobs listed below are run on bare-metal systems where version of Fedora may vary. In the future these will be aligned with the vg jobs.

- BlobFS-autotest
- crypto-autotest
- nvme-phy-autotest
- nvmf*-phy-autotest
- vhost-autotest


Last two LTS releases. Currently 20.04 and 22.04.

- ubuntu20-vg-autotest
- ubuntu22-vg-autotest


Maintained releases. Currently 7.9.

- centos7-vg-autotest

Rocky Linux

Last release. Currently 8.6. CentOS 8 replacement.

- rocky8-vg-autotest

FreeBSD distributions


Production release. Currently 12.2

- freebsd-vg-autotest