IDXD Driver

Public Interface

Key Functions

Function Description
spdk_idxd_probe() Enumerate the IDXD devices attached to the system and attach the userspace IDXD driver to them if desired.
spdk_idxd_submit_copy() Build and submit an idxd memory copy request.
spdk_idxd_submit_compare() Build and submit a memory compare request.
spdk_idxd_submit_crc32c() Build and submit a memory CRC32-C request.
spdk_idxd_submit_dualcast Build and submit an idxd dualcast request.
spdk_idxd_submit_fill() Build and submit a idxd memory fill request.

Kernel vs User

The low level library can be initialized either directly via spdk_idxd_set_config, passing in a value of true indicates that the IDXD kernel driver is loaded and that SPDK will use work queue(s) surfaced by the driver. Passing in false means that the SPDK user space driver will be used to initialize the hardware.