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Building SPDK RPMs

To build basic set of RPM packages out of the SPDK repo simply run:

# rpmbuild/rpm.sh

Additional configuration options can be passed directly as arguments:

# rpmbuild/rpm.sh --with-shared --with-dpdk=/path/to/dpdk/build

There are several options that may be passed via environment as well:

  • DEPS - Install all needed dependencies for building RPM packages. Default: "yes"
  • MAKEFLAGS - Flags passed to make
  • RPM_RELEASE - Target release version of the RPM packages. Default: 1
  • REQUIREMENTS - Extra set of RPM dependencies if deemed as needed
  • SPDK_VERSION - SPDK version. Default: currently checked out tag
# DEPS=no MAKEFLAGS="-d -j1" rpmbuild/rpm.sh --with-shared

By default, all RPM packages should be created under $HOME directory of the target user:

# printf '%s\n' /root/rpmbuild/RPMS/x86_64/*
  • spdk - provides all the binaries, common tooling, etc.
  • spdk-devel - provides development files
  • spdk-libs - provides target lib, .pc files (–with-shared)
  • spdk-dpdk-libs - provides dpdk lib files (–with-shared|–with-dpdk)