spdk_dif_ctx Struct Reference

DIF context information. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t block_size
 Block size.
uint32_t md_size
 Metadata size.
bool md_interleave
 Metadata location.
uint32_t guard_interval
 Interval for guard computation for DIF.
enum spdk_dif_type dif_type
 DIF type.
uint32_t dif_flags
uint32_t init_ref_tag
uint16_t app_tag
 Application tag.
uint16_t apptag_mask
uint32_t data_offset
uint32_t ref_tag_offset
uint16_t last_guard
 Guard value of the last data block. More...
uint16_t guard_seed
uint32_t remapped_init_ref_tag

Detailed Description

DIF context information.

Field Documentation

◆ last_guard

uint16_t spdk_dif_ctx::last_guard

Guard value of the last data block.

Interim guard value is set if the last data block is partial, or seed value is set otherwise.

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