spdk_nvme_fw_commit Struct Reference

Parameters for SPDK_NVME_OPC_FIRMWARE_COMMIT cdw10. More...

Data Fields

uint32_t fs: 3
 Firmware Slot. More...
uint32_t ca: 3
 Commit Action. More...
uint32_t reserved: 25
uint32_t bpid: 1
 Boot Partition ID. More...

Detailed Description


Field Documentation

◆ bpid

uint32_t spdk_nvme_fw_commit::bpid

Boot Partition ID.

Specifies the boot partition that shall be used for the Commit Action.

◆ ca

uint32_t spdk_nvme_fw_commit::ca

Commit Action.

Specifies the action that is taken on the image downloaded with the Firmware Image Download command or on a previously downloaded and placed image.

◆ fs

uint32_t spdk_nvme_fw_commit::fs

Firmware Slot.

Specifies the firmware slot that shall be used for the Commit Action. The controller shall choose the firmware slot (slot 1 - 7) to use for the operation if the value specified is 0h.

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