spdk_nvme_tcp_ic_req Struct Reference

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Collaboration diagram for spdk_nvme_tcp_ic_req:

Data Fields

struct spdk_nvme_tcp_common_pdu_hdr common
uint16_t pfv
uint8_t hpda
 Specifies the data alignment for all PDUs transferred from the controller to the host that contain data.
union {
   uint8_t   raw
   struct {
      uint8_t   hdgst_enable: 1
      uint8_t   ddgst_enable: 1
      uint8_t   reserved: 6
   }   bits
uint32_t maxr2t
uint8_t reserved16 [112]

Detailed Description


common.pdu_type == SPDK_NVME_TCP_PDU_TYPE_IC_REQ

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