spdk_nvme_zns_ns_data Struct Reference

Data Fields

struct {
   uint16_t   variable_zone_capacity: 1
   uint16_t   zone_active_excursions: 1
   uint16_t   reserved0: 14
 zone operation characteristics
struct {
   uint16_t   read_across_zone_boundaries: 1
   uint16_t   reserved0: 15
 optional zoned command support
uint32_t mar
 maximum active resources
uint32_t mor
 maximum open resources
uint32_t rrl
 reset recommended limit
uint32_t frl
 finish recommended limit
uint8_t reserved20 [2796]
struct {
   uint64_t   zsze
 zone size
   uint64_t   zdes: 8
 zone descriptor extension size
   uint64_t   reserved15: 56
lbafe [16]
 zns lba format extension support
uint8_t reserved3072 [768]
uint8_t vendor_specific [256]

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