spdk_nvme_pmrcap_register Union Reference

Data Fields

uint32_t raw
struct {
   uint32_t   reserved1: 3
   uint32_t   rds: 1
 read data support
   uint32_t   wds: 1
 write data support
   uint32_t   bir: 3
 base indicator register
   uint32_t   pmrtu: 2
 persistent memory region time units 00b: 500 milliseconds 01b: minutes
   uint32_t   pmrwbm: 4
 persistent memory region write barrier mechanisms
   uint32_t   reserved2: 2
   uint32_t   pmrto: 8
 persistent memory region timeout
   uint32_t   cmss: 1
 controller memory space supported
   uint32_t   reserved3: 7

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