Please note these are static PDFs, but many of the presentations made extensive use of animations, so something may be lost in translation. There will be video available soon; links will be added in a separate post.


  1. Jim Harris - SPDK: The Future is Now
  2. Ben Walker - SPDK Blobstore: A Look Inside the NVM-Optimized Allocator
  3. Piotr Pelplinski & Changpeng Liu - vhost-scsi: SPDK VM I/O Efficiency
  4. Paul Von Stamwitz - Driving to Highest IOPS/$ Using SPDK
  5. Daniel Verkamp - SPDK: Under the Hood
  6. John Meneghini & Madhu Pai - SPDK NVMe over Fabrics
  7. John Kariuki, Vishal Verma, & Roman Sudarikov - Best Practices: Performance Testing & Tuning
  8. Timothy Knoll & Kamal Natesan - Cloud: Intel Hardware Root Of Trust Attestation Solution with One Touch Activation
  9. Keith Wiles - Transport Layer Development Kit: TCP & UDP at the Speed of DPDK
  10. Jonathan Stern - ISA-L: Performance for Software-Defined Storage
  11. Andrzej Jakowski & Armoun Forghan - Intel Cache Acceleration Software (CAS)