Core Maintainers - New Additions

The SPDK project has a team of core maintainers who are responsible for providing technical oversight for the SPDK project. I am pleased to announce that we are adding Shuhei Matsumoto and Changpeng Liu to the core maintainer team!

Shuhei is from Hitachi and has been a key developer on the SPDK iSCSI and SCSI libraries, driving a huge number of improvements in these areas since starting with the SPDK project earlier this year. Changpeng is from Intel and has been contributing to SPDK since the project started in 2015. He has contributed to a wide variety of SPDK libraries and applications, including the nvme driver and extending SPDK vhost support for virtio-blk.

To Shuhei and Changpeng, thank you for all of your focus and insight – and congratulations!

Please visit the Core Maintainers section of the development page for further details on the core maintainer team and their responsibilities.