Videos: SPDK PRC Summit on March 23, 2018 at Beijing

All the videos from the 2018 SPDK PRC Summit are located here. Brief introduction about these videos are also included in the same folder.


  1. Jim Harris - Storage Performance Development Kit State Of The Project from Intel
  2. Ye Jinhe - Intel SSD DC Evolution from Intel
  3. Shuhei Matsumoto - iSCSI Resource Management and JSON Config File from Hitachi
  4. Liu Pan - User Space Storage Engine from AliCloud
  5. He Luwei - High Performance Storage: A Cloud Story from Huawei
  6. Qi Wuqiang - Fusionstor: Distributed Block Storage System Performance Improvement Journey from Fusionstack
  7. Liu Xiaodong & Hui Chunyang - ISA-L Update and Usecase Sharing from Intel
  8. Cao Gang - QoS Rate Limiting on SPDK Bdev and Ecosystem Related Tools from Intel
  9. Yang Ziye - SPDK Programming Framework and NVMe-oF Optimization from Intel
  10. Liu Changpeng - Accelerating IOs in Virtualization via SPDK Vhost Solution from Intel
  11. Wan Qun & Yan Liang - Process for Development and Testing in SPDK Community from Intel