All the videos from the 2018 SPDK PRC Summit are located here. Brief introduction about these videos are also included in the same folder.


  1. Jim Harris - Storage Performance Development Kit State Of The Project from Intel
  2. Ye Jinhe - Intel SSD DC Evolution from Intel
  3. Shuhei Matsumoto - iSCSI Resource Management and JSON Config File from Hitachi
  4. Liu Pan - User Space Storage Engine from AliCloud
  5. He Luwei - High Performance Storage: A Cloud Story from Huawei
  6. Qi Wuqiang - Fusionstor: Distributed Block Storage System Performance Improvement Journey from Fusionstack
  7. Liu Xiaodong & Hui Chunyang - ISA-L Update and Usecase Sharing from Intel
  8. Cao Gang - QoS Rate Limiting on SPDK Bdev and Ecosystem Related Tools from Intel
  9. Yang Ziye - SPDK Programming Framework and NVMe-oF Optimization from Intel
  10. Liu Changpeng - Accelerating IOs in Virtualization via SPDK Vhost Solution from Intel
  11. Wan Qun & Yan Liang - Process for Development and Testing in SPDK Community from Intel