Announcing The PRC SPDK Summit!

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2019 Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK) PRC Summit
September 5th-6th
Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun, Beijing
No.106 Zhichun Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Crowne Plaza Zhongguancun

The 2019 Storage Performance Development Kit PRC Summit is a great opportunity to meet SPDK community members and listen to a new series of talks from users, adopters, and developers. Topics will include upcoming features, case studies and analysis, customer sharings, demos, and hands on labs. This is also good chance to “Meet the Experts” for deep dives discussions, to tackle design issues and processes, and to discuss future efforts in an informal setting.

This year we’re excited to welcome developers from the PMDK and VTune communities to the summit, including presentations and demos focused on those projects. The summit will include multiple tracks to accomodate the additional talks.

We hope to see you there!

Sponsored by Intel® Corporation

Detailed agenda, registration link and other information can be found at English website and Chinese website.

What is PMDK?

PMDK is a vendor-neutral, growing collection of libraries started by Intel, motivated by the introduction of Optane DC persistent memory. PMDK will work with any persistent memory that provides the SNIA NVM Programming Model. These libraries have been developed for various use cases, tuned, validated to production quality, and thoroughly documented

What is VTune Performance Profiler?

VTune is a comprehensive tool for measuring and observing the performance characteristics of the entire platform and software stack. VTune features support for next generations platforms, with early support for new hardware features and technologies. It also features Persistence Inspector.