Presentations: SPDK, PMDK and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier PRC Summit on September 5-6, 2019

Thank you all for attending the SPDK, PMDK and Intel® VTune™ Amplifier PRC Summit. We had a very successful summit this year with awesome content and presenters. You can download the presentations including opening, keynotes, technical sessions and hands on labs using the links below. Please note these are static PDFs, but many of the presentations made extensive use of animations, so something may be lost in translation.

There will be videos available soon and posted on YouTube SPDK channel; links will also be added in a separate post.

SPDK Presentations

  1. Opening: (Intel) 2019 PRC Summit Opening
  2. Keynote: (Intel) State of the Project
  3. SPDK: (Intel) Squeezing Compression and Encryption into SPDK
  4. SPDK: (AliCloud) FusionEngine 2.0 – Alibaba User-Space Full Stack Solution for Storage
  5. SPDK: (UCloud) Full Stack Optimization for Udisk with SPDK
  6. SPDK: (Intel) High Performance Pooled Storage for RSD Architectures
  7. SPDK: (Intel) SPDK Based User Space NVMe over TCP Transport Solution and Intel’s 100Gb NIC Update
  8. SPDK: (Hitachi) End-to-End Data Protection with SPDK NVMe over TCP Target
  9. SPDK: (Intel) Introduce a New VM and Container File Accelerator and Live Recovery Feature in SPDK Vhost
  10. SPDK: (Intel) Intel NVM Technology and Solution Evolutions
  11. SPDK: (Baidu) Introduction of Baidu Chitu Storage with SPDK NVMe-oF Application
  12. SPDK: (XSKY) Integrating SPDK in the NAS Gateway XSKY
  13. SPDK: (Mellanox) SPDK NVMe-OF Acceleration and Hardware Offloads for SPDK
  14. SPDK: (Personal) Why SSD Developers Need Pynvme and Why Pynvme Needs SPDK
  15. Hands On Lab: (Intel) Prework of Environment Setup
  16. Hands On Lab: (Intel) SPDK Driver Focused
  17. Hands On Lab: (Intel) SPDK Bdev Focused
  18. Hands On Lab: (Intel) SPDK RPC Focused

PMDK Presentations

  1. Keynote: (Intel) State of the Project
  2. PMDK: (Intel) PMDK Essentials
  3. PMDK: (Intel) Persistent Memory Provisioning Configuration Tools
  4. PMDK: (Intel) Persistent Memory Programming Made Easy with Pmemkv
  5. PMDK: (Intel) Accelerating Redis with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
  6. PMDK: (Intel) Accelerate Spark with Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
  7. PMDK: (MemVerge) Lessons Learned From MemVerge an Avid PMDK User MemVerge
  8. PMDK: (Intel) Creating Cpp Apps With Libpmemobj
  9. PMDK: (AxoMem) Introducing AxoMem
  10. Hands On Lab: (Intel) Github Link
  11. Hands On Lab: (Intel) PMDK Workshop

VTune Presentations

  1. Keynote: (Intel) State of the Product
  2. VTune: (Intel) VTune and Analyzers Overview Part 1
  3. VTune: (Intel) VTune_and_Analyzers_Overview Part 2
  4. VTune: (Intel) Prepare for the Next Generation of Memory is Your Application a Good Candidate?
  5. VTune: (Intel) Optimize System Configurations and Workloads for Intel Optane DC Persistent Memory
  6. VTune: (Intel) Optimize Your PMDK Application Performance with the Help of Intel VTune Amplifier Profiler
  7. VTune: (Intel) Persistent Memory Which Mode Do I Want? Where Are the “Gotchas” Hidden?
  8. VTune: (Intel) VTune Performance Characterization of SPDK Using Intel VTune Amplifier
  9. Hands On Lab: (Intel) Prework of Software Download
  10. Hands On Lab: (Intel) VTune Workshop