Introducing the SPDK symbol

We’re excited to announce that SPDK has its very own symbol:

SPDK Symbol

The symbol is available with no text, as above, or with SPDK below it:

SPDK Symbol

Members of our community are encouraged to use the symbol in SPDK resources and collaterals.

The symbol is available in multiple formats:

Please adhere to the following usage guidelines:

  • Do not modify the symbol (colors, proportions, alignment of elements) or add new design elements.
  • Do not use the symbol in a manner that would disparage SPDK (e.g., untruthful advertising, false/misleading promotional materials, etc.).
  • Do not use the symbol as a part of your own company, product, service name, or logo.
  • Do not use the symbol more prominently than your own company, product, or service name.
  • Do not attempt to claim ownership rights on the symbol.
  • Do not add ©, ®, or ™ characters to the symbol.

If you have any questions about using the symbol, please reach out to the SPDK community via the mailing list or Slack.

These rules are available permanently at the SPDK branding guidance page.