Presentations: SPDK, PMDK and Intel® Performance Analyzers PRC Online Forum on December 15, 2021

Thank you all for attending the SPDK, PMDK and Intel® Performance Analyzers PRC Online Forum. We had a very successful Online Forum this year with awesome content and presenters. You can download the presentations using the links below. Please note these are static PDFs, but some of the presentations made use of animations, so something may be lost in translation.

The videos are available in our YouTube channel.

SPDK Presentations

  1. State of the Project
  2. High Performance NVMe Virtualization Solution in SPDK
  3. WSR Write Shaping RAID kick off
  4. Alibaba: O+Q in the Cloud: Removing Write-Amplification of QLC Flash Storage through Intel Optane SSD with SPDK WSR
  5. SPDK Engineering Practices of Software and Hardware Integrated Virtualization for Cloud
  6. The Storage Usage Scenarios and Performance Breakdown for SmartNIC - BSC
  7. CMCC: SPDK Based High Performance Distributed Storage
  8. SPDK Energy Efficiency Improvement On Scheduler and Interrupt Mode
  9. Accelerate PMEM access via SPDK acceleration framework
  10. Nvidia: State of the NVIDIA activities in SPDK project

PMDK Presentations

  1. State of the Project
  2. Adopting Redis to Persistent Memory with KVDK
  3. Cloud application innovation with Intel® Optane™ persistent memory
  4. State of Pmemkv
  5. Remote Persistent Memory
  6. PMDK Live Demo

Performance Analyzer Presentations

  1. The Future of Intel Performance Analyzers
  2. Top-Down Topology-Aware I/O Performance Analysis with Intel® VTune™ Profiler
  3. Verizon: To Intelligent Performance Engineering
  4. Debug Your Threading and Memory Errors