New Core Maintainers For SPDK CSI

The SPDK project has a team of core maintainers who are responsible for providing technical oversight for the SPDK project, including final review and merging of patches into the SPDK code base. As the SPDK project continues to grow, the core maintainer team also needs to grow by adding contributors who are already demonstrating technical skill and leadership within the project. SPDK has seen increased interest in orchestration, especially the SPDK CSI Kubernetes plugin, so we are pleased to announce that Yibo Cai and Antti Kervinen are joining the core maintainer team with a specific focus on the spdk-csi project. Yibo and Antti will be responsible for helping define and refine the architecture and design for spdk-csi, as well as being primary reviewers for all incoming patches.

As primary contributors to spdk-csi to date, both maintainers will bring the necessary technical leadership and direction to SPDK as it is integrated into Kubernetes and cloud computing infrastructure generally. We are all excited to have them!


Ben Walker (representing the core maintainer team)

Please visit Core Maintainers for further details on the core maintainer team and their responsibilities.