24.01 SPDK NVMe Bdev and NVMe-oF RDMA Performance Reports

First part of SPDK 24.01 performance report documents is now available.

This part contains:

  • SPDK 24.01 NVMe Bdev Performance Report
  • SPDK 24.01 NVMe-oF RDMA Performance Reports

NVMe-oF RDMA report documents come in different flavors, using different NICs and protocols for NVMe-oF target to NVMe-oF initiator connections:

  • Mellanox ConnectX-5 Ex with the RoCEv2 protocol.
  • Intel E810-CQDA2 with the iWARP protocol.

Intel E810-CQDA2 RoCEv2 protocol version of the performance report will be published separately at a later time.

You can find all SPDK performance reports here.

Direct links to the reports: