SPDK v18.04: Logical Volume Snapshot/Clone, iSCSI Initiator, Bdev QoS, VPP Userspace TCP/IP

Today, the SPDK team is proud to announce the v18.04 release.

This release contains the following new features:

  • iSCSI target integration with VPP Userspace TCP/IP: The SPDK iSCSI target now supports the fd.io Vector Packet Processing (VPP) framework userspace TCP/IP stack.
  • Logical Volume Snapshot/Clone: Users may create snapshots of existing logical volumes and clones of existing snapshots.
  • Bdev QoS: Enforcement of IOPS limits for quality of service (QoS) has been added to the bdev layer. This capability will enable congestion management by throttling I/Os to block devices at the QoS rate.
  • Vhost: The SPDK vhost-scsi, vhost-blk and vhost-nvme applications have fixes to address the DPDK rte_vhost vulnerability CVE-2018-1059. Please see this security advisory for additional information on the DPDK vulnerability.
  • Unified Target Application: A new unified SPDK target application has been added. This application combines the functionality of iSCSI target, NVMe-oF target, and vhost target.
  • Virtio Block device: A userspace driver for Virtio Block devices has been added.
  • Virtio with 2MB hugepages: Enables SPDK Virtio to work with 2MB hugepages.

Also, we have added the following experimental features:

  • iSCSI Initiator: A SPDK iSCSI initiator bdev module has been added.
  • Vhost NVMe: Support for vhost-nvme has been added to the SPDK vhost target.
  • SPDKCLI: Interactive command tool for managing SPDK is available.
  • NVMe CMB: Support for WDS and RDS capable CMBs in NVMe controllers has been added.
  • RPC: Partial JSON configuration save/load support has been added to several subsystems.


Thanks to everyone who contributed patches to the SPDK v18.04 release:

  • Andrey Kuzmin
  • Ben Walker
  • Changpeng Liu
  • Chen Long
  • Chen Wang
  • Cunyin Chang
  • Daniel Verkamp
  • Dariusz Stojaczyk
  • Ed Rodriguez
  • Ehud Naim
  • GangCao
  • Hailiang Wang
  • Huagen Xu
  • Jim Harris
  • John Kariuki
  • Jonathan Richardson
  • Karol Latecki
  • Lance Hartmann
  • Liang Yan
  • Maciej Szwed
  • Pan Liu
  • param
  • Paul Luse
  • Pawel Kaminski
  • Pawel Niedzwiecki
  • Pawel Wodkowski
  • Piotr Pelplinski
  • Roman Sudarikov
  • Sebastian Basierski
  • Seth Howell
  • Shuhei Matsumoto
  • Slawomir Mrozowicz
  • Stephen Bates
  • Suman Chakraborty
  • Tomasz Kulasek
  • Tomasz Zawadzki
  • Wenzhong Wu
  • Xiaodong Liu
  • Yanbo Zhou
  • Young Tack Jin
  • Ziye Yang
  • Zahra Khatami