SPDK v19.01.1: Maintenance Release

On behalf of the SPDK community I’m pleased to announce the release of SPDK 19.01.1!

logical volumes

Added option to change method for erasing data region on lvol store creation. Default of unmapping can now be changed to writing zeroes or no operation.


Introduce SPDK_RUN_FUNCTIONAL_TEST variable enabled by default, that can be manually disabled on systems where e.g. only unit tests are run.


Add detection for OpenChannel devices, so that NVMe tests and FTL bdev tests are run on appropriate devices.


Enabled rate limit when opening the bdev, as there were some cases where previously closed bdev would have QoS disabled.

GitHub issues

  • 523: (fio_plugin) Fixed hang on pthread_exit(NULL).
  • 633: (crypto bdev) Fixed memory leak in driver init path.
  • 602: (nvme bdev) Will not attach user deleted controllers automatically.
  • 676: (nvme_bdev) Added SHST_COMPLETE quirk for VMWare emulated SSDs.
  • 638: (nvmf) Fixed the lvol creation failure issue for NVMe-oF TCP.
  • 699: (nvmf) Updated default number of shared buffers for RDMA.
  • 673: (vhost) Will use mmap_size to check for 2MB hugepage multiple.
  • 663: (building) Fixed duplicated clean target in shared_lib/Makefile
  • 593: (spdkcli) Will exit with 1 when rpc throws JSONRPCException.

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation, and effort!