SPDK v20.01.1: Maintenance LTS Release

On behalf of the SPDK community I’m pleased to announce the release of SPDK 20.01.1 LTS!

GitHub issues

  • #960 #1170: lib/blob: queue up blob persists when one already is ongoing
  • #1184: rdma: Correct handling of RDMA_CM_EVENT_DEVICE_REMOVAL
  • #1192: nvmf/rpc: Destroy subsystem if spdk_rpc_nvmf_create_subsystem fails
  • #1206: env_dpdk: dont treat NULL as error in spdk_map_bar_rte()
  • #1223: test/nvme: fix correct controllers name in nvme-cli cuse test
  • #1228: nvme: set transport string before the probe based on transport type
  • #1232: module/crypto: increase the number of queue pairs for AESNI_MB
  • #1262: dpdk: move submodule to commit 3fcb1dd
  • #1273: bdev/nvme: do not destruct ctrlr if reset is in progress
  • #1278: lib/iscsi: Return when connection state is already exited at login completion

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation, and effort!