SPDK v22.01: NVMe multipath, NVMe TCP zero-copy, NVMe-oF discovery service

On behalf of the SPDK community I’m pleased to announce the release of SPDK 22.01 LTS!! The SPDK 22.01 release is a long term support release that will be supported for 1 year.

This release contains the following new features:

  • NVMe bdev multipath: Added support for NVMe-oF multipath to bdev nvme.
  • NVMe-oF TCP zero-copy: Added zero-copy support to NVMe-oF TCP transport.
  • NVMe-oF discovery service: Added discovery service to bdev nvme. Allowing to connect to current and future subsystems added to discovery controller.
  • IDXD transparent batching: Introduced performance optimizations, including transparently grouping independent operations into IDXD batch operations.
  • vfio-user live migration: Added experimental support for virtual machine live migration to vfio-user NVMe-oF transport.
  • iSCSI bdev resize: Added automatic block device resize detection to iSCSI bdev module.
  • NVMe sparse namespaces: Improved handling of subsystems with sparsely populated active namespaces.

The full changelog for this release is available here.

New Contributors

This release contains 534 commits from 49 authors with over 25k lines of code changed.

We’d especially like to recognize all of our first time contributors:

  • Adam Aronov
  • Ahriben Gonzalez
  • Bartosz Blachut
  • Josh Soref
  • Kai Li
  • Michael Piszczek
  • Peng Lian
  • Sergei Trofimovich
  • Tan Long
  • Wen Jun
  • Wenliang Wang
  • Yifan Bian

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation, and effort!