SPDK v22.05: SMA, accel_fw IAA, virtio-blk transport abstraction

On behalf of the SPDK community I’m pleased to announce the release of SPDK 22.05!!

This release contains the following new features:

  • Storage Management Agent: Added a service providing a gRPC interface for orchestrating SPDK applications. Please see SMA documentation for details.
  • Accelerator framework compression: Added API for compress and decompress operations to the accelerator framework.
  • Accelerator framework IAA: Added support for the Intel (R) Analytics Accelerator device.
  • RAID concat: Added concat module to RAID bdev. This is a special RAID level that can add multiple underlying bdevs, extending the concat bdev size.
  • virtio-blk transport abstraction: Added abstraction for creating virtio-blk transports, with the vhost_user_blk as the first one.
  • vfio-user interrupt coalescing: Added adaptive interrupt feature for vfio-user transport. New parameter disable_adaptive_irq was added to the RPC nvmf_create_transport.
  • NVMe multipath: Added support for active/active policy and selecting preferred I/O path.
  • NVMe-oF RDMA: Added asynchronous qpair connect.

The full changelog for this release is available here.

New Contributors

This release contains 749 commits from 63 authors with over 39k lines of code changed.

We’d especially like to recognize all of our first time contributors:

  • Alexis Lescouet
  • Alex Michon
  • Aviv Ben-David
  • Boris Glimcher
  • Chunsong Feng
  • Duan Zhang
  • Gal Hammer
  • Gu Zhimin
  • Jaroslaw Chachulski
  • Jon Kohler
  • Kamil Godzwon
  • Lu Zhipeng
  • Mike Gerdts
  • Milosz Linkiewicz
  • Samir Raval
  • Sebastian Brzezinka
  • Weiguo Li
  • Xiaoxiang Zhang
  • Yuriy Umanets
  • Ziv Hirsch

Thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation, and effort!