SPDK v24.01: DIF in accel, RAID rebuild, Blobstore grow

On behalf of the SPDK community I’m pleased to announce the release of SPDK 24.01 LTS!! The SPDK 24.01 release is a long term support release that will be supported for 1 year.

This release contains the following new features:

  • DIF operations in accel: Accel now supports verify, generate and generate copy operations for computing Data Integrity Field (DIF). Currently supported by software and DSA accel modules.
  • RAID rebuild: RAID bdev module supports rebuild for RAID1 and RAID5F levels.
  • Blobstore grow in runtime: Blobstore now supports increasing it’s size to fill the underlying device without the need to close all blobs. This functionality extends to logical volumes.
  • NVMe CUSE enabled by default: NVMe CUSE is no longer considered experimental and enabled by default. It allows creation of NVMe device nodes in Linux kernel for the controller and namespaces (i.e. at /dev/nvmeXnY). These character devices can be used by tools such as nvme-cli.

The full changelog for this release is available here. Deprecation notices for users updating from previous releases can be found here.

New Contributors

This release contains 568 commits from 53 authors with over 34k lines of code changed.

We’d especially like to recognize all of our first time contributors:

  • Abhineet Pandey
  • Anton Nayshtut
  • Changqi Lu
  • Deepak Abraham Tom
  • Haoqian He
  • Hollin
  • Igor Vechirko
  • Kanika Nema
  • Karl Bonde Torp
  • Lukasz Lasek
  • Marcin Suski
  • Philipp Riederer
  • Sarvesh Lanke
  • Vasilii Ivanov
  • Xiaoguang Wang
  • Yoav Cohen

Many thanks to everyone for your contributions, participation, and effort!