spdk_top - what's new in 21.01

In SPDK’s 21.01 release spdk_top received a few improvements that we’re excited to share.


First, the menu at the bottom has been extended with several new options:

Bottom menu

The pollers tab also has a new column showing whether each poller is considered idle or busy.

New Features

Now spdk_top allows rows to be highlighted using the arrow keys. Pressing Enter will pop-up additional details about the selection.

Here’s what it looks to highlight and select a row in the threads tab:

Threads tab

Threads pop-up details window

And here’s what it looks like on the pollers tab:

Pollers tab

Pollers pop-up details window

Finally, the cores tab:

Cores tab

Cores pop-up details window

The pop-up on the cores tab is unique because it has its own nested selection and highlighting. This is convenient to quickly select a thread for statistics without switching over to the threads tab. When selecting a thread from this pop-up menu and pressing Enter, the same pop-up from the threads tab will be displayed.

There are now two viewing modes in spdk_top.

  • Data collected since the start of the application
  • Data collected since the last refresh

We believe spdk_top is an excellent tool for viewing the real time performance characteristics of SPDK applications, but it can always be better. Please contribute either code or ideas!

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