File List
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
 assert.hRuntime and compile-time assert macros
 barrier.hMemory barriers
 base64.hBase64 utility functions
 bdev.hBlock device abstraction layer
 bdev_module.hBlock Device Module Interface
 bit_array.hBit array data structure
 blob.hBlob Storage System
 blob_bdev.hHelper library to use spdk_bdev as the backing device for a blobstore
 blobfs.hSPDK Filesystem
 conf.hConfiguration file parser
 copy_engine.hMemory copy offload engine abstraction layer
 cpuset.hCPU set management functions
 crc16.hCRC-16 utility functions
 crc32.hCRC-32 utility functions
 endian.hEndian conversion functions
 env.hEncapsulated third-party dependencies
 env_dpdk.hEncapsulated DPDK specific dependencies
 event.hEvent framework public API
 fd.hOS filesystem utility functions
 file.hFile operation functions
 gpt_spec.hGUID Partition Table (GPT) specification definitions
 histogram_data.hGeneric histogram library
 io_channel.hIO channel
 ioat.hI/OAT DMA engine driver public interface
 ioat_spec.hI/OAT specification definitions
 iscsi_spec.hISCSI specification definitions
 json.hJSON parsing and encoding
 jsonrpc.hJSON-RPC 2.0 server implementation
 likely.hLikely/unlikely branch prediction macros
 log.hLogging interfaces
 lvol.hLogical Volume Interface
 mmio.hMemory-mapped I/O utility functions
 nbd.hNetwork block device layer
 net.hNet framework abstraction layer
 nvme.hNVMe driver public API
 nvme_intel.hIntel NVMe vendor-specific definitions
 nvme_ocssd.hNVMe driver public API extension for Open-Channel
 nvme_ocssd_spec.hOpen-Channel specification definitions
 nvme_spec.hNVMe specification definitions
 nvmf.hNVMe over Fabrics target public API
 nvmf_spec.hNVMe over Fabrics specification definitions
 pci_ids.hPCI device ID list
 reduce.hSPDK block compression
 scsi.hSCSI to bdev translation layer
 scsi_spec.hSCSI specification definitions
 sock.hTCP socket abstraction layer
 stdinc.hStandard C headers
 string.hString utility functions
 trace.hTracepoint library
 util.hGeneral utility functions
 uuid.hUUID types and functions
 version.hSPDK version number definitions
 vhost.hSPDK vhost
 vmd.hVMD driver public interface