JSON-RPC Remote access

SPDK provides a sample python script rpc_http_proxy.py, that provides http server which listens for JSON objects from users. It uses HTTP POST method to receive JSON objects including methods and parameters described in this chapter.


Name Optional Type Description
server IP Required string IP address that JSON objects shall be received on
server port Required number Port number that JSON objects shall be received on
user name Required string User name that will be used for authentication
password Required string Password that will be used for authentication
RPC listen address Optional string Path to SPDK JSON RPC socket. Default: /var/tmp/spdk.sock

Example usage

spdk/scripts/rpc_http_proxy.py 8000 user password


Error 401 - missing or incorrect user and/or password.

Error 400 - wrong JSON syntax or incorrect JSON method

Status 200 with resultant JSON object included on success.

Client side

Below is a sample python script acting as a client side. It sends bdev_get_bdevs method with optional name parameter and prints JSON object returned from remote_rpc script.

import json
import requests
if __name__ == '__main__':
payload = {'id':1, 'method': 'bdev_get_bdevs', 'params': {'name': 'Malloc0'}}
url = ''
req = requests.post(url,
auth=('user', 'password'),
print (req.json())


python client.py
[{u'num_blocks': 2621440, u'name': u'Malloc0', u'uuid': u'fb57e59c-599d-42f1-8b89-3e46dbe12641', u'claimed': True,
u'driver_specific': {}, u'supported_io_types': {u'reset': True, u'nvme_admin': False, u'unmap': True, u'read': True,
u'nvme_io': False, u'write': True, u'flush': True, u'write_zeroes': True}, u'qos_ios_per_sec': 0, u'block_size': 4096,
u'product_name': u'Malloc disk', u'aliases': []}]