spdk_nvme_health_information_page Struct Reference

SMART / health information page (SPDK_NVME_LOG_HEALTH_INFORMATION) More...

Collaboration diagram for spdk_nvme_health_information_page:

Data Fields

union spdk_nvme_critical_warning_state critical_warning
uint16_t temperature
uint8_t available_spare
uint8_t available_spare_threshold
uint8_t percentage_used
uint8_t reserved [26]
uint64_t data_units_read [2]
uint64_t data_units_written [2]
uint64_t host_read_commands [2]
uint64_t host_write_commands [2]
uint64_t controller_busy_time [2]
uint64_t power_cycles [2]
uint64_t power_on_hours [2]
uint64_t unsafe_shutdowns [2]
uint64_t media_errors [2]
uint64_t num_error_info_log_entries [2]
uint32_t warning_temp_time
uint32_t critical_temp_time
uint16_t temp_sensor [8]
uint8_t reserved2 [296]

Detailed Description

SMART / health information page (SPDK_NVME_LOG_HEALTH_INFORMATION)

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