spdk_nvme_zns_zone_desc Struct Reference

Data Fields

uint8_t zt: 4
 Zone Type.
uint8_t rsvd0: 4
uint8_t rsvd1: 4
uint8_t zs: 4
 Zone State.
union {
   uint8_t   raw
   struct {
      uint8_t   zfc: 1
 Zone Finished by controller.
      uint8_t   fzr: 1
 Finish Zone Recommended.
      uint8_t   rzr: 1
 Reset Zone Recommended.
      uint8_t   rsvd3: 4
      uint8_t   zdev: 1
 Zone Descriptor Extension Valid.
   }   bits
 Zone Attributes.
uint8_t reserved [5]
uint64_t zcap
 Zone Capacity (in number of LBAs)
uint64_t zslba
 Zone Start LBA.
uint64_t wp
 Write Pointer (LBA)
uint8_t reserved32 [32]

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