spdk_nvmf_discovery_log_page_entry Struct Reference

Discovery Log Page entry. More...

Collaboration diagram for spdk_nvmf_discovery_log_page_entry:

Data Fields

uint8_t trtype
 Transport type (spdk_nvmf_trtype)
uint8_t adrfam
 Address family (spdk_nvmf_adrfam)
uint8_t subtype
 Subsystem type (spdk_nvmf_subtype)
struct {
   uint8_t   secure_channel: 2
 Secure channel requirements (spdk_nvmf_treq_secure_channel)
   uint8_t   reserved: 6
 Transport requirements.
uint16_t portid
 NVM subsystem port ID.
uint16_t cntlid
 Controller ID.
uint16_t asqsz
 Admin max SQ size.
uint8_t reserved0 [22]
uint8_t trsvcid [SPDK_NVMF_TRSVCID_MAX_LEN]
 Transport service identifier.
uint8_t reserved1 [192]
uint8_t subnqn [256]
 NVM subsystem qualified name.
uint8_t traddr [SPDK_NVMF_TRADDR_MAX_LEN]
 Transport address.
union spdk_nvmf_transport_specific_address_subtype tsas
 Transport-specific address subtype.

Detailed Description

Discovery Log Page entry.

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