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spdk_nvmf_request Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 STAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_nvmf_request) buf_link
 TAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_nvmf_request) link

Data Fields

struct spdk_nvmf_qpairqpair
uint32_t length
uint8_t xfer
union { 
   uint8_t   raw 
   struct { 
      uint8_t   data_from_pool: 1 
      uint8_t   dif_enabled: 1 
      uint8_t   first_fused: 1 
      uint8_t   rsvd: 5 
uint8_t zcopy_phase
uint8_t iovcnt
union nvmf_h2c_msgcmd
union nvmf_c2h_msgrsp
struct spdk_memory_domain * memory_domain
void * memory_domain_ctx
struct spdk_accel_sequence * accel_sequence
struct iovec iov [NVMF_REQ_MAX_BUFFERS]
struct spdk_nvmf_stripped_datastripped_data
struct spdk_nvmf_dif_info dif
struct spdk_bdev_io_wait_entry bdev_io_wait
spdk_nvmf_nvme_passthru_cmd_cb cmd_cb_fn
struct spdk_nvmf_requestfirst_fused_req
struct spdk_nvmf_requestreq_to_abort
struct spdk_poller * poller
struct spdk_bdev_iozcopy_bdev_io
uint64_t timeout_tsc

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