spdk_scsi_task Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 TAILQ_ENTRY (spdk_scsi_task) scsi_link

Data Fields

uint8_t status
uint8_t function
uint8_t response
struct spdk_scsi_lun * lun
struct spdk_scsi_port * target_port
struct spdk_scsi_port * initiator_port
spdk_scsi_task_cpl cpl_fn
spdk_scsi_task_free free_fn
uint32_t ref
uint32_t transfer_len
uint32_t dxfer_dir
uint32_t length
uint32_t data_transferred
 Amount of data actually transferred. More...
uint64_t offset
uint8_t * cdb
uint32_t alloc_len
struct iovec iov
struct iovec * iovs
uint16_t iovcnt
uint8_t sense_data [32]
size_t sense_data_len
void * bdev_io
uint32_t abort_id
struct spdk_bdev_io_wait_entry bdev_io_wait

Field Documentation

◆ data_transferred

uint32_t spdk_scsi_task::data_transferred

Amount of data actually transferred.

Can be less than requested transfer_len - i.e. SCSI INQUIRY.

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