SPDK Test Script Hierarchy

As the SPDK code base has been growing, so has the collection of test scripts used by the automated build pool to perform continuous integration testing. The SPDK test bed is comprised of a hierarchy of bash scripts which make calls to example applications (located under spdk/examples) and tools written for testing (located under spdk/test). By running these test scripts and aggregating the results, the SPDK automated test pool helps contributors identify code errors or continuous integration issues introduced by their patches.

When submitting a new test, it can be difficult to find where it fits into the big picture. In order to help answer this question, I have created a hierarchy diagram of the test scripts and their relationships to each other. It also contains a brief description of the functions performed by some of the more complex scripts. This hierarchy is likely to evolve over time, but the diagram provides a good starting place for anyone trying to understand how testing is done in SPDK, where to find common helper functions to use in their test cases, or where to place newly created tests in the SPDK repository.

Please look forward to more blog posts aimed at helping everyone better understand and utilize the SPDK test infrastructure. Testing is a major portion of this project. The more we, as members of the SPDK community, contribute to building a robust and efficient test infrastructure, the better off we will all be.