Storage Performance Development Kit (SPDK)提供了一组用于编写高性能、可伸缩、用户态存储应用程序的工具和库。它通过使用一些关键技术来实现高性能:

  • 将所有必需的驱动程序移至用户空间,这样就避免了系统调用,并允许从应用程序中进行零拷贝访问;
  • 轮询硬件任务的完成而不是依靠中断,这会降低总延迟和延迟抖动;
  • 避免在I/O路径中出现锁, 而是依赖消息传递。

SPDK的基础是用户态、轮询、异步、无锁 NVMe 驱动。这提供了从用户空间应用程序直接访问SSD的零拷贝、高度并行的访问。驱动程序被编写为带有一个公共头文件的C语言库。


最后,SPDK提供 NVMe-oF, iSCSI, 和 vhost。 在这些组件之上构建的服务器,能够通过网络或其他进程为磁盘提供服务。NVMe和iSCSI的标准Linux内核启动器与这些target交互, 以及与QEMU和虚拟主机进行交互。与其他实现相比,这些服务器的CPU效率可以提高一个数量级。这些target可以用作实现高性能存储目标的范例,也可以用作生产部署的基础。

Test your SPDK application with Intel® Optane™ SSDs

Sep 6, 2018 • John Kariuki

Intel and Packet are working together to bring free infrastructure for testing and benchmarking with Intel® Optane™ SSDs to the developer community. This community lab is a perfect fit for the SPDK community that cares about getting the most from their storage applications. Interested in testing your SPDK application on the world’s most responsive data center SSD? Head over to Accelerate with Optane for more information, and, once you’re ready, request access. The lab will provide you with a highly capable bare metal server powered by Intel Xeon® Scalable processors, with three 750GB Intel Optane™ SSD DC P4800X and one 4TB Intel SSD DC P4500 for comparison purposes.


Announcing the 2018 SPDK Developer Meetup hosted by NetApp

Aug 8, 2018 • Paul Luse

Come and join the 2nd annual SPDK Developer Meetup, this year hosted by NetApp in beautiful Sunnyvale CA! It’s an excellent opportunity for networking, learning and making forward progress on the code and generally making the community more productive. We’ll be covering all sorts of topics but a major theme this year will be NVMeOF (including FC support) so if you’re interested in these topics you won’t want to miss this meet-up.


2018 SPDK US Summit Recap

Jun 13, 2018 • Anu Rao

Here is a recap of 2018 SPDK Summit at the beautiful Dolce Hayes Mansion, San Jose on May 15th and 16th. We had a successful event and achieved all of our goals. Thanks to the dedication and support of many contributors and great participation from SPDK community members.