spdk_app_opts Struct Reference

Event framework initialization options. More...

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Data Fields

const char * name
const char * config_file
const char * json_config_file
bool json_config_ignore_errors
const char * rpc_addr
const char * reactor_mask
const char * tpoint_group_mask
int shm_id
spdk_app_shutdown_cb shutdown_cb
spdk_sighandler_t usr1_handler
bool enable_coredump
int mem_channel
int master_core
int mem_size
bool no_pci
bool hugepage_single_segments
bool unlink_hugepage
const char * hugedir
enum spdk_log_level print_level
size_t num_pci_addr
struct spdk_pci_addrpci_blacklist
struct spdk_pci_addrpci_whitelist
const char * iova_mode
uint64_t max_delay_us
bool delay_subsystem_init
uint64_t num_entries
void * env_context
 Opaque context for use of the env implementation. More...
 for passing user-provided log call
uint64_t base_virtaddr

Detailed Description

Event framework initialization options.

Field Documentation

◆ env_context

void* spdk_app_opts::env_context

Opaque context for use of the env implementation.

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