spdk_nvme_registers Struct Reference
Collaboration diagram for spdk_nvme_registers:

Data Fields

union spdk_nvme_cap_register cap
 controller capabilities
union spdk_nvme_vs_register vs
 version of NVMe specification
uint32_t intms
uint32_t intmc
union spdk_nvme_cc_register cc
 controller configuration
uint32_t reserved1
union spdk_nvme_csts_register csts
uint32_t nssr
union spdk_nvme_aqa_register aqa
 admin queue attributes
uint64_t asq
uint64_t acq
union spdk_nvme_cmbloc_register cmbloc
 controller memory buffer location
union spdk_nvme_cmbsz_register cmbsz
 controller memory buffer size
union spdk_nvme_bpinfo_register bpinfo
 boot partition information
union spdk_nvme_bprsel_register bprsel
 boot partition read select
uint64_t bpmbl
 boot partition memory buffer location (must be 4KB aligned)
uint32_t reserved3 [0x3ec]
struct {
   uint32_t   sq_tdbl
   uint32_t   cq_hdbl
doorbell [1]

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